Paranormal Horror Anthology

Paranormal Horror and Paranormal Horror Two- Two Anthologies of Short Stories

Paranormal horror is the theme of these anthologies of short stories. The first book features stories about poltergeists, ghosts, and haunted houses. There are demons that inhabit launderettes, shops and churches. Grave robbers die in mysterious circumstances. Aliens begin their invasion of Earth. A vampire feasts on a pet dog. Curses, mud and serial murderers kill their unsuspecting victims. This book is available as a paperback and Ebook on Amazon.

The sequel Paranormal Horror Two features terrifying stories about werewolves, stuffed humans, vampires, guardian angels, the devil and a variety of malevolent demons. Returning as authors are the writers that made the prequel so good. There is also some fresh talent to enjoy. If you're interested in the paranormal then you'll love these short stories. This is also available on Amazon as a Ebook and paperback.